Louche Gastronomique is a blog about trying to make tasty things without taking it all too seriously.

On holiday in Hong Kong, where the food was excellent.

I’m Roger. I’m a product manager at work, and at home I cook things as a way to relax.

I’m not going to claim that food is my passion, I don’t have an adorable toddler and a cute galley kitchen, and I try not to rock the piety about seasonality, healthy eating, or farmers markets. Those things are all cool, but the fun part for me is playing with flavours.

My dad was a chef, and taught cheffing for a while, if that’s even a word. I picked up a love for it, but I have no idea how people survive working in commercial kitchens.

I can’t make desserts. I don’t understand them.

About the recipes – quantities, specificity, etc

I’m often blogging something I’ve just cooked, so between that and being profoundly forgetful, I may not consistently list exact quantities, temperatures, or times.

The more recent recipes are a bit better for that, because I realised it was bloody annoying.

Other things I write

You can also find stuff on:

  • Twitter – frequently NSFW shouting and occasional tech links
  • SimpleTalk – information design and technical communications
  • ConSequential – a blog where I review comics and do a podcast
  • Flickr – where I take a lot of pictures of modern art

The title, “louche gastronomique”, what’s up with that?

It’s an adolescent pun. Larousse Gastronomique was one of the great early food encyclopedias, I used to work in a book shop, and I also used to go in for a lot of cringe-inducing fey self-styling. It made sense at the time.

Oh, and don’t buy Larousse Gastronomique as much other than a historical curio. Harold McGee’s bookMcGee on Food is far more interesting and useful.

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Larousse Gastronomique? I remember it well. My mother had (probably still has) a copy. I remember it not being very helpful at explaining recipes. Mind you, at the time, Delia was about my limit.

Hi, I’m writing a travel-style review about Midsummer House for OZY, and I’d love to get a few quotes from you regarding their food and the setting. Can you please reach out to me at tracy@ozy.com. I’m looking for quotes about what memories stuck the most, which dishes you enjoyed, whether you felt it was good value for money, anything you’d change, etc. Many thanks, Tracy Moran (07557) 648272

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