Leftovers: gnocchi with emmental and mushrooms

Happening to have emmental, gnocchi, and Portobello mushrooms lying around probably marks me out as if not first against the wall when the revolution comes, then not too far behind people with small wheelie luggage, or those twats who call themselves “creative” without further elaboration.

But have them lying around I did, so I cooked them.

Again, there’s no real recipe here. I just sweated down the mushrooms in some oil with a little garlic, and melted in the cheese with a splash of milk, then tossed it all over gnocchi:

Honestly, it’s not amazing. The cheese doesn’t trample the mushrooms, but it doesn’t sit quite right either. The grey is a spot unsettling, too. It’s a reasonably subtle flavour overall, but one that needs a little work.

Of course, cheese and gnocchi are rarely going to fail outright, but this was a definite victim of my being too lazy to go shopping.

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