Sausage and sweet potato pie

Sometimes, when I ask my partner if there’s anything he fancies for dinner, I get the simple, concise, and yet fascinatingly unhelpful response “Pie!”

Sausage & sweet potato pie

Fair play to the man, pie is bloody wonderful. But it does often lead to me just taking whatever’s in the fridge and hiding it under pastry.

This one comes out of something I knocked up quickly after work one evening, and with a couple of tweaks it was a keeper.

The Lincolnshire sausages have a bit of background spice to them, and with a little extra herb and pepper they go wonderfully with the sweet potatoes.

If you don’t make the pastry, you can have this done in about an hour, too, and at least half of that is oven time.


Currywurst rolls

Yes, that’s sausage rolls, made with currywurst

…and with apologies to most of Germany, and a chunk of the British armed forces. Probably bits of France and India, too. In fact, this one might be worse than that time I ate a black pudding and cheese bagel.

Look, currywurst isn’t sophisticated. It never has been, and given you can now buy it from a little electric contraption balanced on a burly German’s crotch, it ain’t getting any better.

It is – however – getting wrapped in pastry:

Cuyrrywurst is iconic-teutonic street food of the dirtiest, most delicious stripe, and I grew up wolfing it down the way my dad made it. Which was the way he made it during a stint as an army chef. Which was with a thickened curry gravy, rather than the more traditional spiced ketchup.



I first ate spätzle in Austria, at 7 Stern Brau. There, I decided two things: I would cook it when I got home, and I would accept the anglicised spelling “spaetzle”. It’s just less fiddly to type. Sorry Austria.

Spätzle with roasted vegetables and merguez sausages

Anyway, kaese spaetzle is the classic – little baked noodle thingies slavered with melted cheese and bacon, crispy fried onions scattered over the top. It’s bliss. Both as comfort food and a path to coronary heart disease, it shits all over macaroni cheese.

But with that (and a recent light-hearted ticking off for the amount of cheese I eat) ringing in my ears, I thought I’d try something lighter. Spaetzle will slot into a good majority of the recipes I’ve seen for gnocchi or pasta. So why not a light fresh tomato sauce?

Well, because I’ve a short but sticky history of fucking up spaetzle, that’s why.

Food Places to eat Review

Eating out in Europe: adventures in meat and beer part three – Zurich

If the exchange rate were two Swiss Francs to the pound, Zurich would basically be London with nicer people and a giant lake where Hyde Park should be.

lake Zurich

The exchange rate is not two Swiss Francs to the pound.

At 1.4:1, Zurich feels almost like someone took a modern European city, filled it with bankers, chased out the poor, and installed a really nice tram system to make everyone feel a bit better about it. Funny, that.