Aromatic parsnip rosti

Parsnips don’t exactly scream summer, but they do have a fun sweetness I thought would play nicely with curry leaf. And  I really fancied something with curry leaves. They’re great – bitter and fresh and so aromatic.

This is a simple thing I threw together for dinner. I’ve only cooked it once, so it comes as seen. But I think it pretty much works.

Parsnip curry leaf rosti

I’d have made up a coriander dressing, but as it was a bank holiday Sunday with credibly sunny weather it seemed like all the coriander in Cambridge was already in someone’s BBQ marinade. Sod it – I’ve been volunteering at the beer festival all week, I need the vegetables.

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Celeriac rosti

I don’t go in for brunch in a big way. It’s nice to have some things standing between you and the long slide to egregious self-parody, after all. That said, I’m unlikely to be out of bed before 10 am on a sunday, and so the first food into the face hole is, accordingly, Brunch By Default.

When I can be bothered faffing about a bit, rather than just clawing bacon into my seething, hungover maw, these celeriac and potato rosti are just the ticket.

Stick a poached egg and a little hollandaise on top for maximum bourgeois brownie points:

The celeriac makes what is basically a posh hash brown a little unusual, adding a depth and sweetness that really works.

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Eating out in Europe: adventures in meat and beer part three – Zurich

If the exchange rate were two Swiss Francs to the pound, Zurich would basically be London with nicer people and a giant lake where Hyde Park should be.

lake Zurich

The exchange rate is not two Swiss Francs to the pound.

At 1.4:1, Zurich feels almost like someone took a modern European city, filled it with bankers, chased out the poor, and installed a really nice tram system to make everyone feel a bit better about it. Funny, that. Continue reading Eating out in Europe: adventures in meat and beer part three – Zurich

Goose stuffing rosti – Christmas leftovers

Christmas has left a borderline-harrowing trail of leftovers in its wake. Opening the fridge this morning was an object lesson in facing up to the consequences of my actions. Getting through it all may require a small amount of creative cooking, if only to find even passingly healthy ways to use all the cheese. But for lunch today, I just mixed a bunch of stuff together and fried it.

Stuffing Rosti with a few olives
Stuffing Rosti with a few olives

All these are is a few spoonfuls of stuffing, beaten together with a couple of leftover potatoes, a little goose from the carcass, and a bit of salt. They’re shaped into small patties and carefully fried. More potato or some breadcrumbs on the outside might have made them a bit less fragile, but the result is tasty enough. What makes them is the stuffing.

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