Sticky chorizo potatoes

Winter starches, yeah? But something a bit quicker than a stew? Cursory tapas influence? Yep, sweet – hop on.

Chorizo potatoes

Ok, it’s a terrible picture – I’m still finding my feet with flash and working without daylight. But I’ll assure you, it tastes way better than it looks, and you can bring it in at just under twenty minutes. That’s not bad given how much faffing I usually mandate.

It’s potatoes and chorizo and garlic and stock, and it does what it says on the tin.

It might not make the cut for the book, but I’ll definitely be making it again.


Quick summer supper: griddled asparagus with pecorino

I’m not sure if the asparagus season was really late this year (I’m rubbish at remembering seasonality) or if the supermarkets are just importing a lot (I was in a hurry forgot to check), but there’s a lot about at the moment. This suits me. I get to eat a lot of it, and gradually save up the stalk trimmings for soup.

It’s hot, and I was tired and not particularly hungry, so ┬ájust griddling it and throwing a couple of flavours into the mix works really well.

Asparagus with pecorino

I’ll give a recipe, but it’s pretty cursory. Like so many of the best things, you heat it up and cover it in cheese.