Quick post: broccoli calzone

Filed firmly under “good problems to have” is the fact that I bought too much sprouting broccoli at the weekend. I also went to a food photography workshop – more on that later. Now, coming home tired on a Monday evening, and having to go out again shortly after wouldn’t normally leave me in the mood to cook much at all. But today some dumb, preposterous voice at the back of my head said: you’ve got enough time to make dough, and you’ll be out for about the rising time, you practically have to make pizza.

Yeah. Thanks, me. You prick.

Broccoli calzone

Anyway, calzone is cool. There’s a pub not far from me called the Haymakers which serves fantastic ones. It used to be a shithole to the extent that a friend once quipped that it was more likely named after the type of punch than anything done in the sunshine. No longer; it’s decent now, and the pizza is some of the best in town. The calzone turn up puffed out like a giant salmon, and about the size, deflating slowly to leave a still-ridiculous quantity of tasty, tasty pizza.

I was thinking about these as I’d rolled out the dough, and realised that I’ve still not got around to buying a peel, or anything useful to handle it with. Folding seemed prudent.

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Broccoli and ricotta pizza: iteration and umami

Kale pizza works. I thought it wouldn’t when I saw it in Veg Every Day, but it does.

So why not broccoli?

Broccoli is one of my favourite things, with that rich umami hit that seems to characterise the flavours I really go for. It’s like some perverse, savoury, mirror-world, sweet tooth.

So yeah, let’s try it. Let’s see if we can make this work.

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Kale & garlic pizza with a green bean, carrot, & sesame salad

Last night I cooked dinner for some friends. This substantially involved re-cooking a couple of things from Veguary I’d been meaning to blog about for a while. Both are variants on dishes from the River Cottage Veg Every Day book that I’ve made a few tweaks to, and both work really rather well.

Kale & garlic sauce pizza, finished

The kale pizza is pretty much straight up from p186, with a base sauce of insanely thick roasted garlic béchamel sauce, and a spot of cumin. This has the benefit of tasting stupidly indulgent whilst not actually being all that bad for you. But I am not fucking about with the garlic; you were warned.

For the salad, I borrowed the dressing from Fearnley-Whittingstall’s
“Asian-inspired coleslaw” on p115, and whacked it over blanched beans and julienne carrots. It’s all about the sesame, and the dishes work together surprisingly well, although there’s a lot of very strong flavours sloshing about here.

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