Spicy cabbage pitas, using shawarma leftovers

Having failed to blog yesterday’s shawarma properly, here’s a quick note on what I did with the leftover ingredients.

(I fried them, basically.)

Spicy cabbage and chorizo pita
Spicy cabbage and chorizo pita

The shawarma was made with slow roast lamb shoulder in a heavy-duty spice mix with plenty of coriander and lemon juice. The cabbage was leftover form the pita stuffing. Because the lamb needed to be kept moist and occasionally have water added, it left plenty of run-off juices and fat. Ordinarily, I’d have made a sauce out of this, but it didn’t fit with the kebab vibe, so it went into the fridge.

I’m glad – poured over fried cabbage and reduced it was amazing. What follows is a bare-bones recipe without the rich, spicy meat juices. It’s essentially an excuse to toast pitas full of harissa and tomato paste, and it ought to more or less work.

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Goose stuffing rosti – Christmas leftovers

Christmas has left a borderline-harrowing trail of leftovers in its wake. Opening the fridge this morning was an object lesson in facing up to the consequences of my actions. Getting through it all may require a small amount of creative cooking, if only to find even passingly healthy ways to use all the cheese. But for lunch today, I just mixed a bunch of stuff together and fried it.

Stuffing Rosti with a few olives
Stuffing Rosti with a few olives

All these are is a few spoonfuls of stuffing, beaten together with a couple of leftover potatoes, a little goose from the carcass, and a bit of salt. They’re shaped into small patties and carefully fried. More potato or some breadcrumbs on the outside might have made them a bit less fragile, but the result is tasty enough. What makes them is the stuffing.

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Leftovers: gnocchi with emmental and mushrooms

Happening to have emmental, gnocchi, and Portobello mushrooms lying around probably marks me out as if not first against the wall when the revolution comes, then not too far behind people with small wheelie luggage, or those twats who call themselves “creative” without further elaboration.

But have them lying around I did, so I cooked them.

Again, there’s no real recipe here. I just sweated down the mushrooms in some oil with a little garlic, and melted in the cheese with a splash of milk, then tossed it all over gnocchi:

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Bruschetta – deeply bourgeois leftovers FTW

No, I’m not going to blog everything I eat. But I would like to report that blanched green beans with pesto and goats’ cheese make delicious bruschetta; to precisely nobody’s surprise.

In other entirely unsurprising news, tomato and garlic bruschetta remain good.

My ability to take photographs of food using only natural light and a mid-range point-and-shoot camera, however, remains questionable.


(I really need to do something about those plates if I’m going to keep posting pictures…)