Elderflower champagne

Elderflower ‘champagne’ is basically prison hooch for people who read Country Life. Oh sure, it’s got this noble, rustic pedigree. But at bottom you’re fermenting sugar water in a bucket and flavouring it with something you nicked from a hedge. Foraged. Whatever.

Classy or no, it’s delicious.

Elderflower Champagne ingredients

Elderflowers are wonderfully pungent, and this time of year the Cambridge river banks are full of their scent. I can’t resist making buckets of this stuff – bottling away a little of that summer for later in the year. Also, did I mention the prison hooch? You can get utterly wankered for a tenner, and feel like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall while you do it.

This is the recipe for Elderflower Fizz I’ve been making for the last few years. It works, and it probably won’t explode.

Update: I’ve had some issues with the latest batch of this recipe coming out far too dry, so it may need a little work. 

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