The cookbook – a sprint review

I’ve been cargo-culting Agile for the book, so it figures that I should do a similarly feckless travesty of a sprint review.

For those less well acquainted with the big entitlement bouncy castle that is much of modern software development, Agile is a project management methodology that chunks stuff out into tractable, iterative units, and empowers teams to make a bunch of decisions about their work. It’s funky and flexible, and goes some way to handing the workers control of the means of production. Champagne socialism with post-it notes.

Look, that’s a terrible explanation. But the point is you can break something (like a cookbook) into discrete tasks, track their progress in chunks of work, and correct on the fly. A “sprint” is an agreed unit of time in which you try to get a bunch of shit done, and have something working at the end. Then you review.

Sprint review

My review in summary: oh fuck.

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A book?

Or: what on earth is Roger up to at the moment?

Hot water pastry dough

The short version is: yes, I’m working on a cookbook.

The long version is to add that I’ve got a chunk of time off to do the groundwork, but can’t possibly finish a whole thing in that period, and so make precisely no promises about when it’ll be done. Or what’s in it. Or whether it’ll be any good.

I’m working on that last one.

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