Broad and green bean gnocchi with goats’ cheese

Something very quick and simple. Throw in a spot of garlic and probably-unnecessary parsley, and the ingredients list is basically the recipe.

Two bean and goats' cheese pasta
Simple, and decidedly tasty

I was going to do this with just broad beans and wilted rocket, but it seemed a shame to throw out the lingering end of the fine green beans, and on balance I think this was a good call.


chorizo, broad bean, and tomato pasta

I should probably have two categories on this blog: one for recipes that are safe to follow straight-up, and one for those that need anything between a light spot of tinkering and a full-on rewrite. This is one of the milder of the second category.

It’s not that this didn’t work, exactly, but the balance is way off, and the intended freshness of the tomatoes was present but too muted. Chorizo and tomato more or less always works, though, so this remains a basic win.

The TL;DR version: the broad beans get lost, omit them and fuck around with the tomato quantities.

Chorizo and broad bean pasta with tomatoes

So, to business.